¡Hola a todos vosotros! What’s crackin’ everyone?

   I know, I know, I know… It’s been a while and I keep saying that I’ll upload more videos… The problem this time was that I didn’t have the greatest wifi while we were in Granada…

   Yes, “we”, CHELSEY IS HERE!!!! The better half of my life is finally here in Spain. Thank God, too, because I was itching to see her. Went to get her in Madrid bright and early on the 10th! Then from there, we took a bus down to Granada… what a beautiful city! We got to check out the Alhambra and all that jazz… The Alhambra was incredible and was absolutely worth seeing. We’d recommend it to any one who is considering checking it out. The rest of the city was incredible too.. Check out the video to see what we’ve got to say about it!

   Later this week we plan on traveling more! Check out the blog as always, and keep up to date. Pictures will be at the bottom as always!

God Bless all of you!



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