¡Hola a todos vosotros! Hey all you guys! 

   Been a week since I’ve been here, so I’m sorry for keeping all of you in suspense, ha! Let’s see here… what’s been up… really, not a lot. This past weekend was the first that I hadn’t gone traveling somewhere in a long time, but it was refreshing to be here in Salamanca for the weekend. Granted most of my friends were gone, it was really nice to just hang solo, and wander about the city and keep learning about hidden gems. I keep finding great little cafes and restaruants. Really, Salamanca is a rockin’ city. Beautiful. What’s crazy is that I still only know a small fraction of it, and I’ve been here since September.

   This coming weekend is a long weekend, we’ve got a “puente” which is essentially a holiday, I think… Anyway, Nov 1st, Friday, is All Saints Day, and Spain gets that day off! So, as a result, I’m going to take advantage of that and travel one last time… check out the video to see where I’m going and what I’ve been up to…

God Bless!



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