¡Hola gente! Hello guys!

   It’s the 21st of October and I’m counting down the hours until I take Chels back to Madrid to take off and return to all of you guys back home in the states. We’re heading to the train station bright and early and we’re heading to Madrid at 5:50am so that we can get there with ample time to spare before she takes off at 11:45am. 

   We went to Asturias this weekend. If you saw the previous video/post, you’ll have noticed that Chelsey and I went to Asturias, and specfically, we went to Oviedo (the capital of the region) and Llanes (Heaven).  

   When we were in Oviedo, we had a blast. We got to see “La Sidra” (the cider) in action. The cider of Asturias is 100% natural. No additives, no nothing. A purely natural alcoholic cider. Delicious. But not nearly as sweet as we’re used to back home, but good. Check out “Sidra Asturiana” in YouTube and I’m sure you’ll see it in action.  We met a couple wonderful ladies named Laura and Pilar, and Laura was a nurse and offered to show us her hospital when we got back yesterday to the capital. So, we did that, and Chels thought it rocked. It was awfully tough to do the translation for everything, but hey, that’s what I’m learning…

   Llanes… what to say? It’s litearlly my Heaven. SO amazing. I talk a lot about it in the video here, so check it out and be sure to see the pictures I’ll post soon. As always, the pics will be at the bottom. Next trip may be Portugal, so I’ll keep ya’ll posted. God Bless!




One thought on “10/21

  1. Loved the Blog that you included Bingo in. I love seeing how happy the two of you are. Definitely a deep love there. You both look so amazingly happy. So glad she got to experience some of your adventure. Love you both. Be safe!

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